1. Armed Guards

  1. When a higher grade of security and protection is required, consider a highly trained, licensed, firearm certified security professional from SOS.


    Are Armed Security Guards Right for You?

    Armed guards provide a step-up in security appropriate for high-threat areas, potentially violent environments, high-valued assets, and protection of government facilities


    SOS armed guards are a deterrent to theft, vandalism and unlawful entry in residential, business and manufacturing complexes. An armed security guard offers unparalleled protection of high-value assets.


    Consider an SOS armed security officer for gated communities, hotels and resort complexes, banks, schools and crowd control at special events.


    Our Armed Security Officers Are Qualified & Well-Trained

    Armed security officers from SOS are strenuously vetted before being hired. Every officer hold a Class D license as well as Class G firearms license, and must maintain high standards of continuing education and firearm recertification. Since assigning the right guard to each job is critical to SOS’ high standards, we work hard to match the specific skills of each security guard with the specific needs of each client. We do not rotate our staff between assignments to ensure consistency of service and sight recognition of your armed guards.


    Site specific training, continuing education, and distinctive and professional uniforms assure that your SOS armed guards will provide the highest level of professional protection available.