1. Unarmed Security Guards

  1. Security Operations & Solutions’ unarmed security officers are a cost-effective, professional option for your security personnel needs.

    Are Unarmed Security Guards Right for You?

    Carefully screened and rigorously trained, our unarmed security guards are an ideal choice for security at hotels and resorts, condominium and apartment complexes, gated communitiesrestricted access research and space industry complexes, manufacturing facilities, and special events.


    Unarmed security officers are also an ideal solution for surveillance and access control at gated communities and business facilities, adding a sense of safety and professionalism. The added professional presence at hotels, conducting interior and exterior door checks, foot and vehicle patrols, and visitor control contributes greatly to a facility’s public presence, in addition to the security services our officers provide.


    Unarmed security guards are an economical option for security and crowd control at special events, grand openings, and off-site car and motorcycle shows. Unarmed security officers provide a steady presence at your event with less liability exposure, and the lower cost can translate into more officers available for your event.


    Finally, many clients use unarmed security guards from SOS for closed circuit TV monitoring, a professional security presence at restricted worksites, and to provide escort service for uncleared people in DOD-restricted areas.

    Our Security Guards Are Qualified & Well-Trained

    At SOS, we pride ourselves on having the best security officers assigned to our clients’ locations and events. Every security guard assigned to your post from Security Operations & Solutions has received 40 hours of state-approved training and holds a Class D license that must be renewed every 2 years. Every guard also has continuous access to SOS management for support and assistance.


    All of our security guards must pass a rigorous pre-hire screening process, and then are assigned to individual positions through a careful evaluation and matching process that helps us pair the best guards for the job with an on-site assignment. Additionally, we provide site-specific training and encourage ongoing quality of service by performing unscheduled site evaluation visits.