1. Vehicle Patrols

  1. Security Operations & Solutions Inc. provides dedicated vehicle patrols to Residential, Commercial and Government sectors.   A successful vehicle patrol program consists of;


    • Exercising Common Sense
    • Knowledgeable of State of Florida Traffic laws
    • Knowledgeable of SOS’ policies and procedures.
    • Observation Skills/Report Writing


    The vehicle patrol program should be concentrated on proactive measures rather than reactive.  The sight of a marked security vehicle acts as a great deterrent to criminal activity.

    An SOS Vehicle Patrol will vary their patrol direction.  Changing the route of travel and if possible, the patrol times, will confuse would be criminals.  This patrol technique makes it more difficult for would be criminals to plan their crime.  Vehicle Operators will annotate vehicles/equipment that look out of place, vehicles that are illegally parked or abandoned and/or suspicious personnel on their daily reports.  All of SOS vehicle operators will have cell phones and/or radios to contact local law enforcement.


    Vehicle Patrol Experiences;


    • Apartment Complexes
    • Gated Communities
    • Government areas
    • Retirement Facilities
    • Shopping Centers


    Upon request, Security Operations & Solutions, Inc. will use a Data Collection System that strategically positions checkpoints to ensure patrols are conducted per client instructions. In addition, no notice post inspections are conducted by Area Supervisors to ensure comprehensive and professional patrols are being accomplished.